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A Sacred Space for your Special Encounters


We are moving into those Encounters I spoke of in my last mail out and getting down to the real stuff now!

In preparation, I’m suggesting you create a Sacred Space for Encountering one another! You may wonder what I mean by a Sacred Space. Well, it’s all about treating your Encounters as rather special, compared to the ways you normally interact with one another… a way of opening up a fun, intimate style of being together, which may have you giggling, feeling moved, possibly crying and feeling loving. So, all of this deserves a different kind of environment to get you out of your usual habits and into new ways.

This video is a general introduction to the Encounters and below is an exercise to inspire you in creating a lovely Sacred Space together:

You and your partner both need to be fully present for this exercise. Put aside at least 30 minutes uninterrupted time with phones turned off! 
Settle down together, close your eyes, breathe deeply, take your time and each feel yourselves enter into a slow, gentle place, distinct from the hurried pace of busy everyday life.
Imagine feeling close, warm and loving with your partner. Continue to breathe gently and allow that feeling of specialness to wash over you. Stay with that for a few minutes and bask in it.
Ask yourself  ‘what kind of atmosphere would enable us to feel spacious and calm, conducive to doing the three Encounters that are to come’.
Ask yourself ‘Where could we sit or be that feels different from our everyday places?’ By ‘different’, I mean more comfortable, safe and intimate, without disturbances. A place not to do, but to be together.
Consider ‘what could we do to make it different’? Some suggestions, possibly:
dim the lights, light a candle, put some gentle music on….whatever works for you. It could even be, if you have the room for it, an allocated space in your home that is just for Encounters, with comfy cushions and so on.
When you have your ideas flowing quite well from inside yourself, open your eyes and look at your partner… really look at them, no words, just look and breathe deeply for a few minutes. Allow yourself to get completely lost in the beauty of their eyes.
Then ask your partner: “Where and how shall we create a physical space just to be in together, not to do, but to be?” Take it in turns to tell each other what your ideas are. Each listen fully to the other, with no interruptions.
Think of this as a little adventure at home, a way of honouring your relationship with a special quality.
Lastly, as a team, work out what and where this space is going to be. Right now may be the best time to go off and create your space … or it may have to wait a little. But please don’t leave it too long, because Encounter 1, Sweet Contact,  will be winging it’s way to you very soon! 

AND…IMPORTANT… you may like to make a DATE for Sweet Contact (soon after Nov 6th) so it’s a definite time that you have put aside for your first special Encounter.

I hope you have a lot of enjoyment in creating this together and I would love to hear how you got on with preparing your Sacred Space, so please let me know in the comments section below! 

With love to you both,
Priya x

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