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Re-Ignite Your Love

You’re looking for help to Re-ignite Your Love…… an essential mission for you and your partner.

This 6 week audio programme for you both at home can HELP your relationship feel closer again.


…you can feel the sparkle of closeness and intimacy between you is slipping away and you definitely want it back.
….you’re scared of getting more and more separate, even though in general, your relationship may be pretty good.
…you need help to build loving connection with each other and to re-ignite what was once there.
…you’re doing quite well at being loving as a couple, and you want to learn new ways of enhancing that closeness.


…you don’t want couples’ therapy right now; you’re not really in trouble, but you do need help to re-ignite your intimate connection
…you’re hoping to make changes in a short time; something that will empower you to create the great relationship you truly want.
…you want to do it yourselves at home in private, but with support and guidance the whole way along.


The Re-ignite Your Love online programme will help you build the loving and intimate foundation you are longing for with your partner. It will be fun as well as profoundly and positively changing.

"We felt very stuck and frustrated knowing that we loved each other but also not (for many historical reasons in our respective backgrounds) able to show our love physically and emotionally towards each other. This sweet programme opened our hearts to one another in a special way and we feel renewed! "

Patricia and Simon Teacher and Lawyer


What is the Re-ignite Your Love online programme?

A 6 week series of 30 mins audios, each containing an active exercise for you as a couple to do together in your own home.
A programme designed to enhance your emotional and physical connection; to bring it alive and help you connect, which many couples find so hard when busy and on the run.
It’s rather like your very own personal couple workshop to bring you more deeply in love, perhaps more than ever before!
The exercises, though not specifically sexual in content, are likely to enliven your sensual energy and desire….a nice bonus!
The programme provides opportunities to make special time together as a couple, with no other distractions. Well, even just that, without anything else happening, is a huge start in making your relationship feel closer and more loving!
And, if you are nervous…..what have you got to lose? A small amount of money and your current situation of feeling out of touch with each other emotionally and physically!

"I found particularly useful an exercise when my wife and I sat opposite each other and one of us asked a question and the other one responded. Questions such as “what do YOU do to keep our love alive?” and “what would you like more of to keep our love alive?” These questions enabled me to open up and allow my love to flow to my gorgeous wife of 25yrs…….love that I had been holding back for too long!"

Michael R, Tai Chi Teacher

The Re-ignite Your Love online programme

helps you…
  • discover new and exciting ways of feeling alive and fresh together…yummy!
  • make exciting change through encountering each other differently
  • open up to emotional and physical intimacy….exciting!
  • appreciate each other and express it
  • become very present to what your partner says
  • enjoy slow, loving hugs and gentle touch
  • in all……this programme helps you enjoy each other more than ever!
Now, just imagine for a moment, the impact all this would have on YOUR relationship?!

Practical information

Sign up for this programme and you will receive, direct to your email inbox:
6 Re-ignite Your Love LINKS to the audio recordings. They arrive every week for 6 weeks…plus a supportive email every 2 weeks to encourage you to keep the rhythm of the programme and do each exercise weekly. The emails also help you see what could be changing for you as a couple and give you a structure to assess how you are doing as you progress.
The COST of the Re-ignite Your Love 6 week online programme is only £75!

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