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Did You Know You Have a Relational Space?

I find it rather an exciting concept that each relationship has it’s own unique and special Relational Space, the quality of which is dependent on how both partners look after it.

We’ve probably all heard that phrase “Relationships Need Work”.
Well, I personally prefer to think of the entity that is my Relational Spacebelonging to both of us and therefore needing each of us to nurture and feed it, so it stays connected and pleasurable, as well as growthful and stimulating.

When Bob and I feel rather separate and disconnected (which we all do at times) we remind each other that we are the owners of our Relational Space and make a decision to look after it by creating more closeness and loving togetherness. Sounds logical and easy enough, yes? And it often can be, but not always of course.

Actually it usually does turn out well, when we are motivated to be closer. Then we both take it on board and find ways to make it happen: increasing cuddles, definite moves to be around each other more, noticing the possibilities to say “Yes” to an activity that creates togetherness.

I actually decide “Connection Is Not Rocket Science”… I can do it! Bob can do it! You can do it too!

What can you do today to enhance your connection with your beloved? And what effect might that have on your precious Relational Space? Maybe it will warm up, hot up even! Who knows…have a go and I’d love to hear about the effects…

In darker November… Make a Date Night with Priya’s help!!

My next 3 emails are a course of Couple’s Encounters… actual exercises for you to do together, specifically to create more sweet contact, loving listening and conscious touch.  

Watch out for the first one around November 6th. You may like to put a date in your diary to do Encounter 1 together. A date night with Priya’s help!!

​As always, I’m sending love to you and your relationship,
Priya xx​

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