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About Priya

I am a holistic psychotherapist.  I specialise in relationship counselling and psycho-sexual therapy. 

I am Accredited with BACP (British Assoc. of Counselling and Psychotherapy), Accredited with COSRT (College of Sexual and Relationship Therapy) and hold an Advanced Diploma in Couples Therapy and a Certificate in Couples Encounter -Based Therapy. I also specialise in working with ADD/ADHD issues in adult relationships.

I believe that intimacy and connection is absolutely core to successful relationships, and loving communication is central to solving almost every problem a couple may have.

I feel deeply lucky and honoured to be doing this work at the very heart of what it means to be a human in relationship.  It’s exciting to see my clients moving forward – and it’s moving to see hope in their faces instead of anguish.

Way back, I was a primary school teacher and I loved it.  It was so much fun to help kids get inspired and create exciting projects. Then I became a MUM! I learned all there is to know about unconditional love and endless patience.

When it was time to think about what was next, I knew I wanted to be involved with people in varying degrees of trouble. So I became a social worker – and quickly discovered the impossibility of the task and the bureaucracy of the system. Even so, I knew this was my work and I wanted to do it with more therapeutic depth, so I launched myself into four years of psychotherapy training and found I was totally drawn into the holistic world of body/mind therapy.

I’m in awe of how the safe framework of a therapeutic relationship can support amazing changes, even in the most sensitive situations.

When I began seeing clients after completing my training in 1997, I quickly saw that the common theme running through all my work was relationships: how to make them work, how to enjoy them, how to keep them together, how to stop the love from drifting away….and more.

This became my specialty – it’s a true calling for me.  Since then, I’ve continued to learn everything I can to fill out the creative possibilities and bring all manner of ideas and methods into my work, from the sacred art of tantra, to gestalt, to intimacy and sexuality training.

Most of all, I’ve learned to trust my life experience and my intuition.

I live and work in Hythe, Kent and also practise in Barnet, North London.

I adore my two kids and think family discussions are just the best! For some reason I can’t fathom (!) they both want to talk about relationships and sex a lot.

And I’m a great one for putting my feet up on a Sunday afternoon after a nice roast dinner, and watch a romantic period drama on TV!

To briefly discuss your situation and see if I can help, give me a call on 020 3151 2620 or 07947 581 765 or email me priya@priyatourkow.com

I look forward to hearing from you

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