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My guess is you’re here because you want some help with improving your relationship. That can be a challenging thing to do. So well done for taking this important first step.

What is happening in your relationship.... and can you get it sorted?

When you love someone, it hurts to feel so separate. Yet it’s hard to talk about things that feel vulnerable and raw. Perhaps you’ve tried to work through these sensitive issues on your own and discovered that, even though you desperately want things to be different, it’s almost impossible to create real change without help....especially when the help needed is to rebuild your foundational connection....because that's usually the thing that helps most.

When you feel closer and connected again, it's a whole lot easier to work out issues, make plans....live life together fully....and we humans are definitely wired to connect.

Wherever you are in your relationship – newly together, in partnership for years, or single and finding difficulties with relating – I can help you.

Priya is an exceptional counsellor! She never took sides, never criticised us or made us feel we were in the wrong. What Priya did do was huge: she helped us to understand each other’s feelings and create a closeness we thought had been lost.

Clare & Neil.
Nurse/Social Worker

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Encounter-Based Couples Therapy

Regular weekly or fortnightly sessions. Learn to connect with each other through real and honest dialogue. Change your unhelpful patterns into improving your listening, acceptance and intimacy.

Couples Bespoke Intensives with Priya

An intensive, tailor made programme for your relationship over an evening and a day.

Dynamic and immediately transformational

Sessions     for Individuals

Regular counselling for those who find intimate relationships challenging, while perhaps struggling with body image or sexual problems

I work with these types of issues

  • Communication difficulties
  • Relationship conflicts
  • Feeling disconnected
  • Difficulties concerning ADD/ADHD
  • Trust issues
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Lack of sexual desire and libido
  • Sexual problems (physical and emotional)
  • Poor body image
  • Low confidence and low self-esteem
  • Sexual abuse from the past

Heart to Heart Couples Group with Priya and Bob

An extraordinary support group in which couples meet regularly and learn to shape their relationships in ways that really work. Each couple gains surprisingly from the other couples.

Re-Ignite Your Love Audio Programme

A 6 week home audio programme; your own private workshop. Increase your love and closeness in beautiful ways.

Couples 2 Day Retreat with Priya and Bob

An opportunity to work with an experienced couple and go deeply into realms that counselling sessions may not reach. Personal support and guidance plus structured exercises brings love and intimacy into your relationship, possibly more than you thought possible.

I’m a holistic and accredited psychotherapist and couples relationship counsellor. I work with couples and individuals in all kinds of relationships, straight or gay, and address all relationship issues, including sexual/intimacy problems. I also specialise in working with couples where one has ADD/ADHD.

To briefly discuss your situation and see if I can help, give me a call on 020 3151 2620 or 07947 581 765 or email me priya@priyatourkow.com

I look forward to hearing from you

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