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Sweet Contact – Encounter No. 1

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shL0jtxqJuE Hello and Welcome to Encounter No 1 – Sweet Contact Have you got your date booked to do this together? Take about 15-20 minutes for this… or as long as you like! I suggest you read this text together a couple of times to get a sense of it and then use the video […] Read More


A Sacred Space for your Special Encounters

Hello! We are moving into those Encounters I spoke of in my last mail out and getting down to the real stuff now! In preparation, I’m suggesting you create a Sacred Space for Encountering one another! You may wonder what I mean by a Sacred Space. Well, it’s all about treating your Encounters as rather […] Read More


Did You Know You Have a Relational Space?

https://youtu.be/Zjbd0tYpIvQ I find it rather an exciting concept that each relationship has it’s own unique and special Relational Space, the quality of which is dependent on how both partners look after it. We’ve probably all heard that phrase “Relationships Need Work”. Well, I personally prefer to think of the entity that is my Relational Spacebelonging to both of […] Read More


What Sex Needs!

A strange question maybe? Does sex need anything? Shouldn’t it be what you two need in order to be sexual?. Well Surprise-Surprise SEX HAS NEEDS!! Find out what that’s all about by watching my video, with your sexual partner, of course…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=way32qdXpcw Often couples think that having sex means they are in a successful relationship. So, they […] Read More


The Art of Shaping

Do you find that your weekday evenings, as a couple, can almost feel non-existent? Especially if you have young children, it seems very hard to even sit down together for an hour before bedtime. Many couples tell me they feel sad about these evening disconnections and their lack of togetherness. Well, I have this simple […] Read More


Is Your Relationship Opening for Spring?

As I sit in my conservatory in my new home, I see delightful signs of Spring opening all around me. The buds on the trees and shrubs, the nesting activity of my local seagulls, the sky lightening up and giving us more of the warming sunshine we love. I find myself opening too in energy […] Read More


Where is Your Heart When You’re Arguing?

An amazing thing happened to me the other day. I was in a deeply upsetting place with a close friend of mine. We had what started out as a discussion about a sensitive personal issue for her, but the discussion soon escalated into a full blown argument. Have you ever had a big argument with […] Read More


Better LAT than never!

Hello there … this title is not a typo!  LAT means “Living Apart Together”. And before you get a bit concerned about these words, please take a breath and know that I’m NOT suggesting you and your partner live apart! That is definitely not where I’m coming from. However, the complications of living together, as we […] Read More


Do you ever feel CHANGE just has to happen?

  Welcome to any newcomers to this blog.  I’m sorry it has been a loooong time since my last post. I’m here now and doing well, having moved to sunny Hythe in Kent! Since the focus of my work and these newsletters are all about relationships, I want to share with you what’s been happening in […] Read More


How Are You and Your Beloved on Waking Up?

I know, that may seem a strange question and your answer could well be….Waking up with my beloved?? He leaves hours before I come into my day, or we usually wake up under the cat or the dog!! Or as someone said to me earlier today “we are never kidless when we wake up in […] Read More


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