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Getting Connected is not Rocket Science!

Just the other day, at our couples support group, I found myself saying “Well, relationships really are not easy things…hard work in fact.” Bob asked me afterwards why I had made this strong, rather negative statement. Why had I?

The truth is he and I have been feeling pretty separate lately, each absorbed in our own thing, as can happen at times. To some couples, this can be the norm, for others, they recognise these periods happen now and again and a bit of extra nurturing is needed to their “relational space” as I call it.

Relational space is the entity that all our relationships have. It changes as our degree of connection ebbs and flows and it needs both of us to look after it and be responsible for its state of physical and emotional health.

So, this led to Bob and I talking about our lack of connection and it felt so simple all of a sudden… All we needed to do was create more connection, closeness and loving togetherness. That’s all… Easy!

Actually it truly DID turn out to be easy…we both took it on board and found ways to make it happen: more cuddles, definite moves to be around each other more, noticing the possibilities to say Yes to an activity that creates togetherness. I actually decided “Connection Is Not Rocket Science”…I can do it! Bob can do it! You can do it too!

What can you do today to enhance your connection with your beloved? What can you do and what effect might that have on your Relational Space…maybe it will warm up, hot up even! Who knows…have a go and I’d love to hear about the effects…

With love to you and your relationship,


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