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Relationship Therapy

Encounter-Based Therapy for Couples or Individuals

Couples and individuals, straight or gay; in all types of relationships, (or aspiring to be in one) come to my practice, generally because they are feeling disconnected from one another. However, they may not put it that way or even realise it.

They tell me about communication problems, having arguments, not spending enough time together, difficulties in trusting each other, not having sex etc. Some of these things are happening for sure, and yet they are not quite the issue. Underneath it all, a painful loss of connection is happening, in which communication, caring and real listening is almost impossible.

I am also specialised in helping couples where one has ADHD/ADD….this can present huge problems re many aspects of relating, especially mood swings, getting things done, financial management, honouring boundaries and much more.

I support couples to “encounter” each other, so that they can safely deal with their issues in a positive and deeper way. Through gaining empathy and acceptance of one another, they begin to feel like “a team of two” on an exploratory journey of growing their relationship afresh. It can be exciting but tough at times, and generally, well worth the ride.

This may seem a far cry from where you are at now. That’s ok. Wherever you are at in this moment is the starting point we work from, even if only one of you wants to come.

Give me a call right now if you are not sure

020 3151 2620

Priya shows a kind, warm and sincere approach to counselling. She always respected and valued our life experiences and how they have shaped the people we have become, whilst also enabling us to challenge and change old patterns of behaviour.

Mark & Estelle

Through the encounter process, you can reach a deeper experience of what’s really happening in your unique relationship, and a greater ability to move into lasting transformation

This work is at the heart of what it means to be human and in relationship. It’s both intensely personal and fundamental to deep happiness. I feel deeply privileged to support couples on their unique journeys.

We have found Priya to be very caring and respectful of boundaries, but appropriately encouraging by challenging fears and helping both partners express themselves without either one feeling that you favour the other or feel the other has a greater ‘problem’

Patsy & Duncan
Social Worker/IT Manager

Intimacy/sexual problems For Couples or Individuals

I specialise in psycho-sexual therapy which enables you to focus on intimacy and sexual difficulties always within the wider context of your relationship. Problems are addressed sensitively by exploring how your sexuality is affected by your past as well as by current emotional issues.

Couples are often given tasks and exercises to practise at home, helping to make positive changes. This work can also be incorporated into encounter-based therapy when appropriate.

Psycho-sexual therapy addresses issues such as:

  • Insufficient sexual desire
  • Pain or difficulty with sexual intercourse
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Erectile problems
  • Lack of orgasm
  • Sexual compulsivity or sexual addiction

My clients tell me I’m down-to-earth about relationship and sexual issues, helping them feel safe and accepted, even in the midst of difficult conversations and feelings. I am consistently respectful of your pacing and boundaries. No sexual activity takes place in the therapy room.

Give me a call right now if you are not sure

020 3151 2620


My charge is on a sliding scale of £75-£60 per hour session for couples and individuals. I generally suggest couples have an initial 90 minute session if possible. Skype sessions can sometimes be arranged after we have had a few person to person meetings..

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