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Couples Bespoke Intensives

 Many couples have discovered that when they are feeling disconnected and their relationship is struggling, it doesn’t help matters when life is busy and therapy sessions have to be fitted in within limited times. It can be challenging to re-build the solid foundation needed.
A kick-start may be called for!

A Couples Bespoke Intensive is a unique experience, tailor made to you as a unique couple, in a unique relationship… and it’s perfect for getting your connection back on the horizon quickly.

You can read about one couple’s experience of an Intensive with me in Psychologies Magazine.

My recommendation is to have a Bespoke Intensive (evening+one day) with me as early as possible, so that the encounter journey of deeply meeting one another can be laid firmly in place.

We will work with different elements. These are:

  • Couples Counselling
  • Deep Encounter (couple dialogue work)
  • Experiential Exercises to support the deepening of your emotional and physical connection.

All of this is offered in a style that is totally personal to your needs both as individuals and a couple. It fully respects your comfort level , pacing and boundaries. No sexual activity takes place in the therapy room.

The intensive weekend with Priya was brilliant - it amazed me how much and how quickly and deeply my relationship with my husband improved during the workshop thanks to her insight and the powerful practical exercises she uses. We’re still feeling happier a month later and hoping to see Priya regularly to keep working on what we have started.

Intensive Weekend

Couples Bespoke Intensives can take place on weekdays or weekends and generally consist of an evening of 2.5 hours (7.00-9.30pm) and the following day of 6 hours running from 9.30am to 4.30pm ( two blocks of 3 hours) with an hour out for lunch. Total 8.5 hours. This plan is flexible and can be adjusted according to your specific needs and geographical distance away etc.

Fees: Bespoke Intensive Weekdays £480. Weekends £580.

To briefly discuss your situation and see if I can help, give me a call on 020 3151 2620 or 07947 581 765 or email me priya@priyatourkow.com

I look forward to hearing from you

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