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Couples’ Group – Heart to Heart

A series of events for couples in Hythe, Kent CT21

NEXT SERIES STARTS in S​PRING 2018 on Sunday evenings from 7 to 10pm.

Getting together with other couples can be special and supportive.

Over the years, many couples have told me how much they value events in which they can talk about issues in their relationships. They find it helpful to share in a way that's not always possible with friends or family. They discover they are not alone...a reassuring aspect. 

Each time we meet, we will focus on a particular topic eg  

How Good is Your Listening to One Another? 

What is Intimacy?

Is Your Heart or Your Brain Running Your Relationship?

You might start off feeling a bit anxious, perhaps with one of you keener to be there than the other. This often happens in our experience, and, after a short time, most people feel welcome and relaxed.

And...a bonus...these evenings are often fun as well as healing and growthful.

The events group, will be facilitated by myself and my husband Bob, in a supportive atmosphere, offering the possibility to be with your partner and receive insights, learnings and fun aspects of being in relationship.

As a couple, we are known for our experience and ability to offer support, humour, depth and insights...often learned ourselves the hard way.

The experience of the couples' group was a gift - and although it seems a little vulnerable sharing this with you - I think it's really important to do so because I know that we are not alone in both the struggle and desire to keep our love fresh and our relationship alive. I believe it's what we all want - to love and be loved....it's that simple." 

Tony & Karen

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