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Our Couples’ Group Can Create Magic For Your Relationship!

Hello again,

Last time I wrote about Connection being the vital ingredient for couples and how, with a good foundation of closeness and connection, most difficulties and even conflicts can be handled more easily,with loving acceptance. Yes, this is possible!

In our Couples Support Group, we have been exploring the waves of connection and disconnection that we go through in our relationships. The couples in the group have found it helpful to become aware of their Relational Space…the energy between them…which they are both responsible for, to look after and nurture with awareness. They are noticing what actions or communications create coolness and what creates togetherness and warmth in the space that is theirs. They are on an enjoyable learning curve and sharing the journey with others.

Bob and I are loving our group and are poised for the next series of 4 Sunday evenings, about to start very soon.  

Jez has been in the group for a while now with his partner and is looking forward to the next series. He says:

  • “The group has made a huge difference in our relationship.  The safety of the group has enabled me to share things about our 28 year old married relationship that would be very difficult to do on our own. This has enabled me to be more loving and self expressed. I feel like the group has been a springboard to re-enliven our relationship. Priya and Bob are a joy. They offer gentle guidance and participate somewhat as a couple themselves, so it is clear we are all working on our relationships together.”

Maybe, you think this unique group could be helpful to you and your relationship. It’s not as intensive as couple therapy or as full on as a workshop weekend. In my view, I think you can’t beat groups for growth. I so love the way we listen to one another, get insights together, learn so much from each other and most of all, we discover we are not alone. So many couples share our issues and generally don’t talk about them.
And Agnes says:

  • “I enjoy going to the Sunday evening couple meetings with Priya and Bob. Both bring warmth, much understanding and professional guidance to the sessions. The evening is spent by listening deeply to each person, their own process, and how it relates to their partnership.  I feel held, supported and safe.”  

Would you like to join us?

We meet fortnightly on Sunday evenings in Barnet EN5 (5 mins from M25/Junct.23) from 7 to 10pm.

Our next series begins on Sun, 29th May and further dates are: 19th June, 3rd July and 17th July. There is just one more couple space in the group, which we are keeping to four couples max.

We create an atmosphere of safety and support in which to hold each unique relationship with integrity.

We  always have drinks and nice nosh at some point in the evening…..very important!

All the information can be found here.  And please call if you want to ask anything at all.

Sending love and connection to you and your relationship.

Priya and Bob 

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