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Do you ever feel CHANGE just has to happen?

  Welcome to any newcomers to this blog.  I’m sorry it has been a loooong time since my last post. I’m here now and doing well, having moved to sunny Hythe in Kent! Since the focus of my work and these newsletters are all about relationships, I want to share with you what’s been happening in […] Read More


How Are You and Your Beloved on Waking Up?

I know, that may seem a strange question and your answer could well be….Waking up with my beloved?? He leaves hours before I come into my day, or we usually wake up under the cat or the dog!! Or as someone said to me earlier today “we are never kidless when we wake up in […] Read More


Do You Spend More Time on the Good Stuff or the Bad?

I wonder how you answered that question? We all do it, you know. We pay attention to what isn’t working well and often we focus on what our partner isn’t getting “right”, (or what we consider “right”). We remind them “just to let him/her know” or “to put them straight” or “so they know what it’s like […] Read More


Hello again, Last time I wrote about Connection being the vital ingredient for couples and how, with a good foundation of closeness and connection, most difficulties and even conflicts can be handled more easily,with loving acceptance. Yes, this is possible! In our Couples Support Group, we have been exploring the waves of connection and disconnection […] Read More


Getting Connected is not Rocket Science!

Just the other day, at our couples support group, I found myself saying “Well, relationships really are not easy things…hard work in fact.” Bob asked me afterwards why I had made this strong, rather negative statement. Why had I? The truth is he and I have been feeling pretty separate lately, each absorbed in our […] Read More


As the sun comes out and we warm up at last, how about warming up your relationship as well? When we are colder and inside the home and with ourselves more, we can get a bit overtaken by aspects of our relationship that don’t work so well or can be challenging. So here is a […] Read More


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