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10 Minutes to Enhance Your Relationship

Hello lovely couples,

Let’s begin this fresh year with something that will definitely enhance your Relational Space, as I like to call it. What I mean is your relationship has a space and a feel all of it’s own, unique just to the two of you. 

And naturally, you are the two people assigned to looking after it at all times. It’s not the responsibility of one of you more than the other. You both signed up for it, right?

So, here is that simple and fun structure known as 5mins/5mins.

My video tells you how to do it when your relational space needs a bit of boosting.

Here are some of those times:

  • you feel distant from each other and out of touch…this can happen frequently and we need to look after it.
  • there’s an uncomfortable feeling of disconnection and lack of intimacy.
  • you feel frustrated/ irritated/ angry (so, in the 5mins/5mins, try to share about yourself, each of you, and how you feel, rather than “you did this.” or “you make me feel that.”)
  • one of you would love to simply share something exciting or challenging in your life, and be totally listened to by your partner without their comments or wanting to give you solutions.
  • you have done 5mins/5mins together several times now and you like doing it, and afterwards you feel closer and more connected!

There are lots of other reasons of course, but the main thing is that you both see it as a resource that can be many things at different times and is very available and uncomplicated. By the way, if you feel you need another 5m/5m following straight on, you can do this and again if you need it. But don’t be tempted into turning it into an argument or discussion. That’s just what it’s not!

So, both of you initiate doing this as often as you like. Remember it’s not one person’s responsibility to stay connected and looking after your relational space. You are a team of two!

Let me know how you have gotten on with this exercise in the comments section!

With love to you and your relationship,
Priya xx

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  • Mike February 8, 2018, 12:00 pm

    I love your clear and simple “how to connect” videos. It seems so simple and obvious that one doesn’t need to be told, but I have a feeling that that’s precisely why people need these instructions – because it’s so basic that nobody does it.

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